Sweet moment

During snuggle time last night Natasha kissed me, snuggled into my side and said, “Thank you for staying home with me.”

I still wonder if she understood what she was saying.

That was a thank-you about ten years earlier than I’d expected.

Skipped a birthday

Yesterday was Melody’s 2nd birthday, and we never told her. We didn’t have anything planned, so there wasn’t much point, I suppose. We’ll try to toss something together for Saturday, I hope.

Fortunately at this age all it takes is cake with frosting and happy people who sing to you. We can cobble that together…

We’ll start making ice cream today.

Sleeping “through the night.”

Elisha slept more than six hours together last night! He didn’t wake up this morning until 4:30 (I laid him down before 10p.m.). He took some coaxing to get back to sleep, but then he slept again until 9:30.

Nearly 12 hours together. I could get used to that….

Learning as we go…

This is an interesting program, and has enough “buttons” and links that I can almost pretend it’s a regular wordprocessing program. I can italisize and bold with the normal key shortcuts. The mail flaw i see is that there is no spell-check on my toolbar.That is one tool I’ve always needed.

I created a bunch of catigories today, based on what I’ve written (or wanted to write) on my established blog (xanga.com/story_singer), and I really like the feature of being able to divide and seek based on topics. It will make finding what I’m searning for much smoother. And it will have the added bonus of allowing readers to identify blatently self-centered posts and avoid them before they get buried in mind-numbing detail about something totally irrelivant to them.

Like that last paragraph, for instance. Continue reading



I’d like to see Rabbits under the moon
Dancing in winter, dancing in June
Dancing around while twilight lingers
and blinky-eyed stars
look down through their fingers.

I’d like to see rabbits under the moon
but I always,
have to go to bed too soon.

I can’t remember who wrote it, but it’s one of the girls’ favorites. They both say it with me as eagerly as they sing “Row row boat.” Continue reading

Help me. Please.

Do I sound pathetic yet?

I’ve got to say one of my biggest parenting struggles/challenges right now (don’t laugh– it’s right up there with tantrums) is maintaining/cycling clothes so the right amount of the right size is in the drawer/available for three kids at once.

Organizing was never my strong point, so boxes and boxes of clothes: Ugh. Continue reading

Have you met…?

I’ve heard of “wedding crashers” before; yes, even before the movie. I’d never thought to apply the term to anybody who shows up uninvited to a party. The “crashers” part.

I was at a 10th anniversary celebration Friday night. That’s where this story comes from. Apparently (before I arrived) there was this barefoot guy wandering around the pavilion/gazebo thing, and nobody knew who he was. Bride asked various friends who he was/here with, and nobody knew.

Finally one of them went independently to the young man and asked, “May I introduce you to the bride and groom?”

I love it.

When the 10-years-married bride approached him herself he looked at her a little funny (she was wearing a tiara of small flowers, but her dress was a simple sundress). “Are you the bride?” he asked, hesitantly.

“Yes,” she said, almost as surprised to be addressed that way. “Yes I am.”

“Nobody knew who he was,” she told me later. “I was just going over to introduce myself.”

He left shortly afterwards. I have to wonder if he was full or had been shamed into leaving. And I’ll have to remember that line about “introducing.” Good stuff, that.

Elisha’s “1–month” appointment

He’s 6-weeks old, but setting up this appt taught/reminded me of something else: Non-emergency appts have to be set-up way ahead to get the dr.(s) I want. Seems there are other people as well who find them preferable.

Our “Arg!” moment came at the end of the appointment. Elisha’s still been struggling with the thrush (never totally gone) for weeks, and I’ve been striving to reach the four (count-em, four) doses a day with his yeast med. Today I asked about the “purple-stuff” I was told about by two different people. Continue reading