Help me. Please.

Do I sound pathetic yet?

I’ve got to say one of my biggest parenting struggles/challenges right now (don’t laugh– it’s right up there with tantrums) is maintaining/cycling clothes so the right amount of the right size is in the drawer/available for three kids at once.

Organizing was never my strong point, so boxes and boxes of clothes: Ugh.

Growing into and growing out of for three kids– that’s six boxes, minimum.

Then there’s splitting the gender-specific stuff after it passes Melody… so that really means 7 boxes. Man, no wonder this feels overwhelming…

I think this wouldn’t be to bad if they just out-grew everything and I could just rotate boxes, but it really seems to drag out… so we got a gazillion boxes in various states of fullness around the house (mostly the yellow room) and even one or two in the garage.

(This does not include the taped-up stuff under the house. They, thankfully, are out of the way until we need them.)

I feel veryvery blessed that we have these clothes, and I’m not trying to complain at all, I just wish I had a better system/ability for keeping-up.