Septic Adventure

And much less adventurous than it could have been:

The line from the washing machine (newly pressed into service) to the tank froze yesterday.

Thankfully (Thankfully-thankfully!) this is a separate line than the one that flows from our single toilet.

Translated that means that the washing machine couldn’t drain, but the toilet could flush (a highly preferred state of affairs when a soaked carpet is your notice).

The pumping and thawing guys came out, blasted the block with steam, checked the septic and said it wasn’t too full (praise God), and said the living-level of water flow should prevent future freeze-ups.

I pray he is correct. I think things are *just* exciting enough now, and don’t crave more action.

We now have:

  • Hot water (but no bath towels)
  • A dishwasher (need automatic dishwasher detergent– have you seen the result of standard dish soap? Jay took responsibility. I was able to continue sitting.)
  • A washing machine (dryer will be ready soon– then we’ll have a remedy for the tearful loss of beloved jammies.)
  • A functioning kitchen
  • Clearance to drink the water! The tests came back nearly identical to the city water we’ve been drinking for 10 years.

To do still are a bunch of little odds and ends, and a few bigger things that will wait till later in the year:

  • Redo bathroom
    • Get rid of carpet in bathroom
    • need a sink/vanity
  • new kitchen floor
  • Range hood
  • wood stove reinstalled
    • the stovepipe and everything else about the set-up was declared unsafe, so we took the pipe down and it’s an elaborate end-table until summer.
  • I’m also looking forward to getting the little monitor in the cabin so running out for a refill on my small (in-kitchen) containers isn’t painfully cold while I fumble about with bare hands.

So so thankful the water situation has worked out. It was the biggest question in this fingers-crossed experiment, and it looks like the Lord has blessed us.

Now we continue to wait on the questions about the septic system (when the indoors work slows down a bit Jay plans to do more investigating work).