Now, I know I have a mind for details. Once I input them I usually remember them (I’d like a word stronger than “usually,” but no one can say “always”). So it’s funny/weird to me when I get asked questions I know they know the answer to. Or, at least, I remember previously giving them the information. Continue reading

Ready for baby…

My mother-in-law e-mailed the other day, asking for clarification on our due date. Jay’s e-mailed response: “The official due date is the 10th. But Amy has been feeling that he might come early. It might just be wishful thinking though.”

I know it’s wishful thinking. And every-other-day I feel totally relaxed (Even comfortable, almost!), and resigned to waiting.

Then I want it so much to be *now* that I start mentally reviewing what we might try next to speed things up… even though I know that “nothing really works,” despite the rumors.


At least I feel pretty sure he won’t go over.
(“Famous last words.”)

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Connecting and purposeful parenting

I have these one-on-one consults I do for teaching FAM, and it is interesting to me how talking about something so personal seems to allow someone to completely open up about other parts of their lives.

I suppose I’m a fairly open person myself, so I didn’t think much about the freeness of others speaking to me until a few weeks ago when I told Jay my client and I had gotten off-topic quite a bit and spent time on parenting ideas.

“You really seem to connect with these ladies that come over,” he observed. And he’s right. I don’t know if it’s me, or the type of woman who comes (maybe a combination of the two), but, while we meet the goals of our time together, we never stay completely on-task. Continue reading

More of the same, but different.

Currently Reading
You Can Write a Novel (You Can Write)
By James V. Smith
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I’m still waiting, still reading, and still writing, but it’s all different too.

I have my laptop now (though nothing else of my many orders has yet arrived), and it’s already proving to be a wonderful resource/tool. I’ve been able to use it while “hanging-out” with the girls, during those times when they want me around (or I want to be there, to maintain the peace) but aren’t looking for direct interaction/play. Continue reading


We had some old friends over for dinner last night. Lovely evening.

Really, they’re quite different from us (Lifestyle-wise: They exercise for entertainment and grind their own flour), but they have kids our kids’ age (ish), and they’re very gracious people. We have a lot of fun talking with them.

The last time we had them over was for Christmas, but the wife asked me (I don’t know where this came from) if we have people over often. I thought about it and said we have a series of people we try to rotate through, to make sure we see everyone eventually, but this week was the first time we’ve had more than one night with guests.

She then asked if I had trouble deciding what to serve company. I laughed. I rarely make a meal that will serve less-than six or eight people. So when we have visitors, I just make something I always do, and we have fewer left-overs.

The husband looked at his wife and said, “That sounds familiar.”


It’s interesting hearing about how devoted our generation/culture is to “instant gratification.”

I can’t deny it, but today I’m recognizing a type of… affinity with previous generations: With the type that hovered over the Sears catalogue, looking for that perfect something, then waiting impatiently for the mail to bring the desired item. Continue reading