Learning as we go…

This is an interesting program, and has enough “buttons” and links that I can almost pretend it’s a regular wordprocessing program. I can italisize and bold with the normal key shortcuts. The mail flaw i see is that there is no spell-check on my toolbar.That is one tool I’ve always needed.

I created a bunch of catigories today, based on what I’ve written (or wanted to write) on my established blog (xanga.com/story_singer), and I really like the feature of being able to divide and seek based on topics. It will make finding what I’m searning for much smoother. And it will have the added bonus of allowing readers to identify blatently self-centered posts and avoid them before they get buried in mind-numbing detail about something totally irrelivant to them.

Like that last paragraph, for instance. This is the “more” tag, but it throws me back to the top, and I had to come clear back down to the other side of the line. Is that intetional?
Did it again. Must re-program self to hit page-down if I want to imploy a big break. Though I wonder if that is and different than

This double return… We’ll see. What else… Making a list:

  • Transfering old posts here
    • adding catigories for search-ease
    • I hope I can keep the original dates attached to them, somehow
    • but it won’t let me go back to the first indentation for my list. Hmmm have to fix that.

One thought on “Learning as we go…

  1. Jay says:

    Interesting post. I will have to work on some of the details with you.

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