Learning on the fly (and something about priorities)

Programs it would be useful for my to know intimately, and I haven’t taken/don’t have the time to learn:

*Adobe GoLive (the website software we own)
*Textpattern and/or WordPress (blogging software Jay wants me to learn to I can shift this over to the family website)
*Power Point (apparently what I feel aught to happen isn’t a part of Jay’s slap-it-together-it’s-easy experience)
*Ovusoft (a software designed to help with FAM charting– I bought it to have a “second opinion” when working with other women on interpreting their FAM charts)
*Adobe Illustrator (Not as necessary, but would be helpful for other projects if I could master it) Continue reading


At this point I’m not planning to restart the storytelling group in the fall. We easily agreed to put it on-hold for the summer (there are very few members involved enough to “vote” anymore), and I expected we’d start again once school began, but now I think my focus has shifted.

I may have mentioned before (who remembers this?) that Jay wanted me to keep my GKP (Gordian Knot Productions) work limited to two things.

He said this earlier in the year (or late last year?) when I began expressing interest in pursuing some freelance writing projects. I didn’t feel ready to drop teaching or storytelling, so I chose not to pick up the new ball.

But now things are shifting again. I’ve been pulled back more and more to writing. It’s an aspect of my personality I’ve been aware of for a long time: the more time I spend on something, the more I love it/want to do it. (This does not, unfortunately, apply so much to the have-to-dos like housework.) Continue reading


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Jay and I were talking again last night about how were alike, and different.

At the store yesterday, I was on-assignment to buy the first season of “House” with a 20%-off coupon. While I was there I ended up buying an additional 4 movies. There was a display of $7.50 DVDs and I just grabbed two I was interested in, then two I knew Jay would love.

Later I asked Jay if it bothered him I bought something extra (unessential, un-budgeted for) without checking in with him. He pointed out his (much more) expensive purchase a few seasons ago, that he knew I wouldn’t like and he did anyway. (He also liked that I picked out the two for him, so he wasn’t inclined to feel annoyed).

But what we each chose was what led to the discussion. He bought a snow machine helmet (though we don’t own a snow machine), and I bought movies.

He bought something for doing (especially with his brothers/family) and I bought stories.

More life updates.

My body let me know at the beginning of the weekend that I pushed it too hard last week– the first week Jay was back at work full-time. I won’t belabor how, but I found it frustrating the same way I’ve found certain people frustrating. Two (maybe three?) jobs in a row I had as a teenager, I got in trouble/reprimanded for things, not when they happened, but when the boss/supervisor had collected enough other (also un-reprimanded) infractions to have a load to dump.

Very stressful, emotionally.

What I found so frustrating wasn’t that they were scolding me, but that they seemed to expect me to know certain things in advance of the correction. Continue reading

Making Progress (Today was better than yesterday)

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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia)
By C. S. Lewis
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Yesterday I was (basically) scolded by a nurse for quitting Elisha’s thrush-med regimen so soon, and then got another hand-slap for quitting even though I’d been on antibiotics (which are notorious for encouraging yeast growth). And then I was told the med record said we were supposed to come back in 3-4 days if the thrush hadn’t improved. Continue reading

“Real life” has begun

Jay went back to work full-time yesterday, and since the baby is “instant priority,” the girls got quite a bit less time. So far today his napping has been better (he was awake at the most inopportune times yesterday: When it was time to make lunch, the beginning of nap-time, dinner-time. Then sleeping after the girls woke up and were expecting a walk. Continue reading

Can we call this a schedule yet?

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The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers
By Elizabeth Pantley
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I’m so hopeful It’s only been 2-days in a row, but it bodes well for being alone in-charge of 3 little ones

I’ll know “for-real” starting next week, but we’ve had (what I hope are) some break-throughs in the last couple days. Elisha’s sleep-schedule (such as it is) is beginning to mesh well with the girls’. What I mean, is that he lets me put him to sleep before I have to put the girls to nap or to bed at night, so I only have to deal with two tired (potentially fussy) kids at a go. *Huge* blessing. I’m used to dealing with two. Continue reading