Parenting with M-B Theory {radio interview}

This is the beautifully edited presentation of a conversation Dennis and I had for his weekly radio show, Live the Life.

In it we touch on what Myers-Briggs theory looks like in application with children.  Most of all I see the interview as a teaser.  There is so much to this theory (as I’ve tried to explore in my own series of articles) that, naturally, 25 minutes won’t cover it all.  But I hope even a couple of stories can spark a few imaginations to see the usefulness of a theory applied to real life.

My favorite resource for practical family application is the book Mother Styles by Janet Penley and Diane Eble.

I think anyone interested in a deeper understanding of type application will find enough in that book to keep applying for a very long time.

I’m still trying to decide whether to post the 1.5 hour lecture I gave back in January.  I suppose this is my toe in the water of public opinion.  Yes. It really is different for me to hear my spoken voice than just to see my written words out there.

Anyway, check out the recording if you have time, and please come back over here to let me know what you think.

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