Party Approaching

The girls are in ecstasies: we are having a Fairy Party this Saturday, complete (Lord-willing, and mom-capable) with things like a fairy cake, fairy games and fairy crafts.

If I’m *really* together I’ll have adorable pictures (that may or may not end up on the blog…) of the ladies in their finery and enjoying themselves.

Right now I’ll be happy if the laundry is all put away before then, but the girls have high ideas about decorations too…

About a Week

That’s how long it took me to get from I’m *freezing*! How will I survive winter missing 20 lbs. of insulation? to  *Man* it’s been a long time since I went walking! When’s Jay going to be home?

I took the dog out for a walk to Cold Spot Feed for a pair of oddments, and felt I could have been out twice as long without being either wornout or cold.  It’s been too long…

Fortunately Jay’s agreed to let me dash out on a walk as soon as he gets home from work– to catch the last of the light and get the walk in before we want to put the kids down.

Too many choices

A dear friend called me last week to give me more time on my book.


To have the children over. (Actually she did couch it in terms of giving me more time on my book.)

And today I finished the book, so I have to decide how to use the time (assuming I can track down a vehicle to get the kids to her house).

The options:

  • Come home and clean house for a few hours
  • Prepare the homeschooling materials that have finally come together (and come in the mail)
  • Visit the Thrift stores kidless (read: efficiently and without exposing them to the gross October displays)
  • Visit the used-book stores (I’m still looking for the “perfect” math book)
  • Grocery shop to fill in the fresh-produce holes of our menu
  • Go walk at the Big Dipper (the only free indoor-walking venue I’ve been able to find in Fbx, that I now am banned from coming with my children, since I have to make them walk with me the whole time if I am to walk (Pbthth!)
    • I was walking there a couple times a week and it was great– the kids sat on their blankets with snacks and projects while I passed every 1.5 to 2.5 minutes.  No. problems.  –This is more regular check-ins than they probably get at home (and I can see them the whole time I’m walking the 1/16-mile loop).  Ahem.
    • Anyway, I haven’t been exercising for over a week now and I do feel off-kilter.

So I have decisions to make… because I am blessed.  So really I’m not complaining.

I’m just always sure what to do with my blessings.