Quiet Time

As I write this Natasha is creating stories behind me, and telling them to and with the toys that are here in the living room.  I told the kids stories most of our (long) walk today, practicing concentration, volume and breath control as I pulled over 100# alongside an active road.

It just tickles me to see her feeding off shared experiences rather than the latest movie.

Lots Going on Here.

Busy here lately.

  • Spent some time today talking with a couple Suzuki teachers, trying to nail down price and protocol for starting, and I’m totally understanding now why my friend was hedging when I asked her how much she was spending for her two kids’ lessons.
    • I’m even uncomfortable to write it in this post, since we’re still kinda considering it.  (E-mail me if you really want to know and I’ll say).
    • If we go this route we’ll be dropping broad hints that “more music lessons” is a great birthday/Christmas/un-birthday present: share in the investment and reduce clutter all in one efficient gift.
      • Okay, so it would just be not adding to the clutter, not reducing any.  😉
  • Elisha held his paintbrush in a perfect upright hold today.  I was so surprised I looked for the camera, wanting a picture, but couldn’t find it.  He changed his hold later, but was able to go back when I encouraged him to change.
  • I have turned the kids’ rooms and sleeping arrangements all around
    • Melody traded rooms with Elisha.  I moved his crib into the blue room and set up a toddler bed (from under the house) for Melody.
    • Natasha got a “new” toddler bed, too, and everyone got to pick out sheets today.  I washed them during nap and the girls are sleeping on them now.
    • I got both the big beds out of the blue room, and I’m in the process of rearranging the other pieces of furniture.
      • Tonight I organized my craft shelf for the first time since, hmmm, Melody, at least.
  • I am back to four baskets of laundry to fold, and still have to put the yellow room back in order, but I’m liking the new arrangements so far.  (I still hope to move the big book case in the blue room, too.)

While trying to decide about Suzuki I keep saying,  How could I eve be considering this?  There is *nothing* I do every day except eat and sleep!

But just before I started this post I realized there’s one more thing.  If it’s not every day it is pretty close: I write.

And I guess I sing and talk, too.

It’s randoms like these, along with an indefinable something, that haven’t let me trash the lessons-idea just yet.