2 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles

  1. Honey says:

    Thank you! I like her ideas too. I have been really praying about how to homeschool. Since my oldest only turned 4 a couple months ago, my ideal would be not to do “official” schooling yet. But I go back and forth with this for a lot of external reason, and I realize it is mostly related to fear. (Fear that I will make a wrong choice, and pressure from outside). This year, for fun we do the Son Rise program from carolscurriculum.com for 2-5 year olds. It is really something I could have put together myself-now I know. 🙂 We spend 15 minutes each morning coloring or making paper crafts all related to the alphabet, shapes, numbers etc. So the 2 yr old knows all those too, but more from our singing and counting/playing in life. 🙂 It’s made me realize how they don’t need official curriculum at least not at this age! In spite of this, I have been thinking of trying the Sonlight Prek program this fall, just the book part which has reading and science fun. This would be just like what we do anyway since my oldest could sit and listen to stories all day. I already have some of the books, and the rest I could find used and at the library; so I would just get the instructor guide. I would like to have a model to follow. I’ve recently been reaing about Tapestry of Grace too. There’s lots of good stuff to think about and pray about! 🙂

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