Ice Cream

We made ice cream with/for our company last night.

Our current ice cream maker only freezes about a quart at a time, so even though we have two canisters, and our recipe is closer to 1/2 gallon, we still only have an anti-climax when ice cream is ready. Especially with two families of five looking at that little brown tub.

So why do we have such a piddly small producer? Because it was the third ice cream maker we bought in as many years of marriage.

In the first 2 1/2 years we wore out two Rivals. Sure they worked well enough, though loudly, but they were not made for frequent or many uses (like, say, weekly. Forever.).

Inside the motor was a thin plastic washer to keep the metal parts from rubbing against each other and getting hot. This washer did not survive our use-pattern with any grace.


So we were telling this sob-story to our guests, and the husband’s response was, “You must be doing something right; you’re both so thin!”

I suggested modifying the describing terms to, “Still wear the same clothes,” which I felt was more accurate.