Yes, honestly, sometimes I do need to write as much as I need sleep.

I find “comments” sections on blogs such great writing prompts. I got this whole post from a comment I wrote this morning.

This year is the second in a row I’ve gotten the girls mylar heart balloons for v-day. I talk about it being a special day to remember that we take care of the people we love and do nice things for them.

I’ve *got* to codify my v-day line by next year. What I’ve written here is a better/more-concise rendition then what they’ve gotten so far. It’s sort-of a reiteration of the two lines I’ve been using all week (*With effect* I must add!!!):

  • “Family means taking care of each other.” (Yes, God did implicitly say you’re your brother/sister’s keeper) and
  • “Don’t cause problems.” i.e., Those things in your control? *Avoid* them.

We have had the most peaceful, loving and nurturing last three days. I’m sure it’s special provision for my run-down state. I’m so thankful for provision.

I’ve still been supervising and refereeing, of course, but is seems to be on a distinctly smaller scale, and much less a big deal.

And Jay’s been out camping in the cold all night (forecast was -5 to -20 F) so I’ve been praying he wasn’t the one who’s sleeping bag got “wet” for this exercise (He has a hard enough time already, keeping warm when he’s not moving. Let the man have his sleeping bag in the snow cave.)