More from last night

Being in the hospital is definitely affecting Gma’s mind (and her state-of-mind), and we’d all like to bring her home, but it would require Ruth (Ewig) and me ramping up our level of commitment to Mom’s scale. My being with her all of every morning, Ruth all of every afternoon, and Mom continuing to pull the remaining shift. Seven days a week.

We could do that for a while, but I’m not sure how long. I was gone two mornings this week and am still trying to recover my house after working on it all day yesterday.

I’m more concerned though about the kids; they have been getting a little edgy (maybe it’s all in my head, maybe not), and I attribute that to a markedly decreased amount of mom-time.

~ ~ ~

Mom told the nurses she wanted to check Gma out for the weekend, and said they laughed at her. That’s just not done in the hospital, apparently.

She can check Gma out anytime she wants, of course, but to do it she has to sign these waivers acknowledging it’s against medical advice and saying it’s on her (Mom’s) head if Gma dies while out of the hospital. Talk about pressure.

The reason this is even an issue (why take her home), other than Gma’s state-of-mind, is that the Dr.s really don’t know how to fix her, so other than having the medical personnel/extra bodies available the hospital isn’t providing stuff she can’t get at home.

But in real-world living those extra bodies count for a lot when things get intense. It’s a very tough decision, so please be praying for wisdom.

And Dr. Carroll’s supposed to know more about the fluid in her abdomen today. I’ll post about that when I know more.