Keep praying

The biggest concern right now is that Gma’s body is not absorbing the extra fluid in her abdomen.

For the last week, ever since the surgery–so more than a week– Gma has had a “drain” in her, to siphon off the fluid/blood that collected in her abdomen after the operation. They took it out Wednesday (Oh she hollered!), b/c the dr. was conserved it had been in to long.

“Any pathway out of the body is also a pathway into the body.” He were conserned about possible infection.

But her body has not been reabsorbing those fluids, and now the heavy question is whether to operate again. Doctor Carroll (Dr. B of the previous) really doesn’t want to go back in, but mom’s concerned that that may be the only option.

Pray for Mom too. She hasn’t slept in her own bed since I can’t remember when. She is stretched in every way right now. I would say “wrung-out” (Picture a washcloth). I feel the stress, and I’m not there nearly as much as she.