Now we really don’t know what’s going on.

One of the Doctors diagnosed something called ITP as the reason for Gma’s low blood-count. The treatment is steroids. As I understand it, they give your system a kick in the pants and try to re-start/reset the body’s levels.

Well, she’s been undergoing that treatment (diagnosed/prescribed by Dr. A) for days, and it’s had no effect. Or not enough. Dr. B spoke to Mom today, and gave her several reasons why he doesn’t think it is ITP, and Mom’s leaning toward his explanation.

So they no longer think it’s ITP, but they don’t know what is going on. Gma’s pretty active for her condition, but still much more tired than “herself.” Until there’s more blood to carry Oxygen and nutrients where they’re supposed to go, I don’t see her “normalizing” much more. That’s what she needs to go home.

So the current prayers are for either Gma’s complete healing (straight from the hand of God) or for the doctors to have the necessary insight to diagnose and treat whatever is really wrong. And for it to be soon, so we can get out of the hospital.

That one’s mine.

I’ve been limited in the amount of time I can spend with her b/c there’s nothing (safe) for two toddlers to do at the hospital while I’m with her, so I always need to find someone else to watch them before I can go.