“In the meantime…” Elisha

(pre-timed again)

Well, with all the stuff about Gma I’ve not had time to post what’s been happing at home. Starting with the youngest (I’ve been with him the most lately):

  • Elisha
    • is smiling, laughing and “talking” now
    • Has an incredible attention span: He spent 15 or 20 minutes watching me rotate a partially-eaten apple in his line of sight at the hospital yesterday. Gma was napping, I was snacking. I assume it was the “dramatic” shift from red to white. The first time it happened he just kicked like crazy (he was lying on his back). I was surprised I had the attention span for it, but since I got to watch him, I had something much more fascinating to watch than an apple core. It’s been years since I sat and studied one of my kids that long…
    • His sleeping is amazing. He does an average of 8-hours/night (I once woke him after 11 because we had to be somewhere), and two or three naps in the day, ranging from 2-6 hours.
    • I am still “actively” putting him to sleep most of the time, holding his arms still and walking or “jiggling” him. That will have to change before long (He was 13 lbs, 4oz. on the hospital scale last Friday), but he’s shown some potential for falling asleep on his own too, when he’s tired, and if I catch the timing right…
    • Other things that have changed since he was new:
      • I already mentioned the sleeping– he would be awake frequently and frantically (not just for growth-spurts).
      • He’s mellowed (Praise God) so he can still stay calm or nurse when the sisters cyclone through.
      • He’s stopped spitting-up (most of the time) so I’m guessing this is when I got the impression the girls didn’t do it; they out-grew it.
      • He will sit in his play chair and enjoy the dangly rattles while I write (like right now).
      • And he nurses great. We were concerned for a while he wasn’t getting enough because of the thrush fiasco, but when we asked the Dr. about it she looked at the growth-chart and said we had nothing to worry about. He was already in the 80th percentile for his age. (My theory about him following Melody’s growth pattern seems to be confirmed). And even how people constantly overestimate his age.
    • He still fits in his “bassinet,” but we’re not sure how much longer.
    • He is a delight, and loves to converse.

(More , on the girls, when I have time later.)