The latest on Gma

Lets see, it’s been a week since I posted here. The list version:

  • Gma had to undergo physical therapy to get walking again, but with hard work and a strong will, she has made great progress. She is now mobile with a walker, and as she continues to grow stronger the walker is expected to be gone as well.
  • The test for Leukemia (a suspected reason for her low blood-count) came back negative (PTL!).
  • In nearly every way (PT, respiratory, post-op) she has been cleared as ready to go home.

The thing keeping her in hospital at this point is the persistently low blood count.

On Sunday the doctor called her “The Miracle of the week.” She was active, lucid, upbeat, and her platelet count (object of the latest treatment) had stopped dropping. Mom hoped this meant we were “at the corner” where Gma would turn and begin improving here too.

It hasn’t been happening that way.

When I went in Monday morning her platelets had dropped again. She had had a rough night; not sleeping well or long together and so started her day still tired. Today, Tuesday, she has a temp of 100.6, platelets are down and the Doc’s ramping up the treatment (increasing the concentration and giving it by IV) hoping that will bring back the improvement we saw earlier.

Oh, and Nana’s arriving tomorrow morning for a two-week stay, and we/I still don’t know where she’ll be staying. She was going to be at Gma’s house, but with this craziness and perpetually expecting her home “soon” Mom and Dad (I agree) felt having extra people around continually during reentry would be hard for her.