(I’m pre-timing to keep Gma’s latest at the top)

Toastmasters came up again this weekend, since it comes up every week. We, Jay and I, have been doing a jugging act with responsibilities. We’ve definitely come up with a current hierarchy of priorities:

  1. Our (core) family of five
  2. Next level of family: Gma Mom and Dad
  3. Everything else

TM definitely falls into the realm of “everything else,” and Jay (and I) could both come up with some pretty convincing reasons to dump it. The interesting thing was that when I prayed about it Sunday and Monday (about the only days TM enters my consciousness during the week), I didn’t feel like I’m supposed to totally drop it. So I went. An hour doing something absolutely separate from the rest of my world (except for EP). It was refreshing in a weird way. I was pretty scattered, but that’s understandable.

When I get babysitting time– from Jay or anybody else– it’s been to go up to the hospital to visit Gma and/or spell mom. It’s continually running, with no stolen “nap-time” moments like I had when I was “continually running” with a new baby. It feels surreal.

Yesterday was the first time Gma’s slept while I was with her. She was exhausted. I think she works harder than she should on her PT, trying to get strong enough to go home. Only, the PTist has said she’s strong enough to go home, so it’s not that issue keeping her in.

It was nice to just sit still and read for an hour (Judy kept the girls that morning) while Gma and Elisha both slept. It was sad too though, feeling stuff back in limbo instead of on a clear “improvement” track.