We had some old friends over for dinner last night. Lovely evening.

Really, they’re quite different from us (Lifestyle-wise: They exercise for entertainment and grind their own flour), but they have kids our kids’ age (ish), and they’re very gracious people. We have a lot of fun talking with them.

The last time we had them over was for Christmas, but the wife asked me (I don’t know where this came from) if we have people over often. I thought about it and said we have a series of people we try to rotate through, to make sure we see everyone eventually, but this week was the first time we’ve had more than one night with guests.

She then asked if I had trouble deciding what to serve company. I laughed. I rarely make a meal that will serve less-than six or eight people. So when we have visitors, I just make something I always do, and we have fewer left-overs.

The husband looked at his wife and said, “That sounds familiar.”