Real Life Menu (a new series with recipes)

Need some specific ideas for a gluten free attempt?

This is the menu our family is currently eating from.

If you want to print it out on one page, specify landscape orientation and under scaling choose *Fit all columns on one page.*

It is a five-week grid of real food, mostly from our freezer/pantry, mostly recipes I have made before (One exception include a page number so I know where to find the recipe).

Over the following (many?) weeks I plan to share the recipes for my staples (at least 10-12 basic meals, remember?), and maybe some general stuff about being comfortable in the kitchen.

Expect it to be  a slow process, but we’ll get through the elephant eventually.

~ ~ ~

Here are the recipes from this menu written/referenced already on the blog:

Because we’re already part way through the menu not everything will be posted in order, but since some things are just simpler or more familiar than others, they may get used (and therefore photographed and posted) out of order.

Just think of it as a real-life example of how a menu/meal plan can be used: a guideline, a suggestion, a gift not to think about one. more. thing.

2 thoughts on “Real Life Menu (a new series with recipes)

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  2. Amy Jane says:

    Oh, and since this is 6 months later with no more progress, I can only excuse myself by saying the home computer got wiped and rebuilt, so we don’t have a way to put pictures up, and I feel food blogging without pictures is (almost) insulting.

    I don’t think I’ve tried a new recipe yet that didn’t have a picture with it (there are so many options that do!)

    This is still in my heart to do though. When our “new” computer grows up.


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