Sherlock, Sickness, Snow & Story

So life doesn’t slow down just because I’m doing things besides writing.

Here’s my quick update:

A) Jay and I downloaded the first movie/episode of Sherlock last month and ordered the whole first season from B&N soon after.  But it took nearly 3 weeks to arrive.

    • This was really only an issue because of another aspect of our “new life,” and that is mail confusion.  There is another home on this mail route with the same house number and 1st-letter in the street name.  At least, that’s what I attribute the confusion to. We frequently receive their mail, and occasionally get mail with a hand-written, Wrong Address! scribbled by our names.
    • I’ve often felt it would be good neighborhood relations to meet whoever it is we’re swapping magazines with, but when we didn’t receive our eagerly-anticipated blue-ray for a long time I was really concerned that it had been mis-delivered and we’d have to eat the cost or make things awkward with the neighbors.
    • So the package’s arrival was a huge relief that had (for me) less to do with a fun couple-time than with easing my mind.

B) This week I’ve been a bit sick– nothing completely miserable, but enough to make most “efforts” quite draining.  Even so, we’ve had a few projects to manage, including a few trips to town for the making of Easter outfits and supplies for them. We haven’t done homemade dresses for the girls before, and I’m excited, hoping they’ll be able to be involved quite a bit.

    • Naturally I’ll post pictures when they’re done, but for now I’ll say it’s this pattern for both girls, and the different fabrics are a sparkly, butterfly-heavy print for them both. (Hm. ‘Butterfly heavy’ sounds… odd.)

C) The real news (on the “homestead” front) is record-setting snowfall.  I’m sure we passed or at least reached the 14″ max forecasted for the 48-hours of heavy snowing.

    • This led to its own set of sub-adventures: primarily with driving.
      • On the way to town Tuesday we found ourselves rather suddenly behind a very tall 18-wheeler.  The sky/ground/curb have almost no distinction in this overcast weather, so it really was like a giant becoming visible out of the white. The kids were inventing stories the rest of the afternoon about The Invisible Giant that you could only see when you were close enough to wonder if you were still safe. That about summarizes my feelings on the adventure.
      • On the way home from the fabric store I was in the right lane as a car pulled onto the road. I’ll never know if they actually slid or never even looked for me as they moved right into my lane. On top of me.

I kept moving right, thinking they just overshot their lane a bit, and ended up all the way on the sidewalk (the 12″ berm of fresh snow made for a couldn’t-be-better surfing out of the way) and the momentum that got us up got us enough of the way back down that we had traction to return to the road.

D) On top of this I’ve been working (actively) on my novel again, which fills my evening computer time.

Or to say more accurately, I worked through some discoveries I made, and have now reached the place where I have to knuckle down and make it keep happening, because that’s the stage I’m at: everything that will “finish itself” has been done.

~ ~ ~

In other (more?) important news, Elisha is reading now.  He’s got the sounding-out concept well, and while he still guesses as much as anything, he’s made that leap of one-to-one correlation and the confidence that he has the necessary tools to decode what’s in front of him. Most of the time.

What I enjoy most is Melody’s chance now to coach her brother the way Natasha has coached her– sitting alongside and sharing a story together.

And I’m also glad to see the children voluntarily playing outside more. The snow is too deep for the goats, so I don’t make them go outside now, but the girls in particular are enjoying the “new growth” and Melody tells me how much she likes to go “swimming.”

7 thoughts on “Sherlock, Sickness, Snow & Story

  1. Brooke says:

    We haven’t gotten any snow this year. But I’m not complaining in the least.

  2. Becky says:

    Totally geeking out over Sherlock here. After you watch The Reichenback Fall, let me know, and I’ll send you some amazing “how’d they do that?” infographics.

    Just found out Cumberbatch (Holmes) is voicing Smaug and Sauron in the Hobbit as well as Freeman (Watson) playing Bilbo.

    • Amy Jane says:

      How are you watching season two?

      • Becky says:

        We watched on the BBC site via Tunnel Bear (an internet “switch” that allows you to watch European content from America and vice versa). But they take down shows there faster than Hulu does here, so I think all the series 2 episodes have expired. I’ve been watching White Collar on Watch Series, and it looks like they have Sherlock 2 there.

  3. Amy Jane says:

    Funny you should say that, B, since I thought you were the one who told me, and I’ve known a long time. {grin}

  4. Becky says:

    And speaking of Sherlock, I’ve collected some really fabulous art on my Fangirl pinboard on Pinterest:

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