Disaster Averted (short version)

We could have had a barn-fire today.

By the grace of God we became aware of the danger before it actualized.

I’m still a little shaken, imagining what could have happened and how (whether!) I could have saved the animals had a fire actually occurred.

So very very thankful it ended so small.

4 thoughts on “Disaster Averted (short version)

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh my! Many thanks that everyone is OK.

  2. Amy Jane says:


    And thank you for your kind thoughts.

  3. Mom Teena says:

    We just had something similar…but inside the house. We kept smelling a strange “electrical” odor and today Jim discovered a short and burned wires on one of our main electrical boxes coming in from the generator. It is fixed now, but Praise the Lord we found it before a house fire!

  4. Amy Jane says:

    Oh my, Teena! Yes!

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