For Brooke B.

Just for you, since I told you I’d show you the rest of my kitchen. 😉


  So there’s the wall and cabinets.  I think just about everyone who saw the kitchen (in our first months living here) assumed that these were the colors the house came with and we were just too busy to “fix” them.

Cue awkward pause when I affirm I picked everything out and painted it myself.

(The brightly colored squares in the black frame are our schedule and monthly menu.  I’ve nearly got the kids broken of asking me what’s for dinner.  They know I’ll just tell them to go read the chart. 🙂 )

Here’s my full half-full sink and my organized collection of continually-in-use on the black shelf.  Note the Tape/CD player.  Music (or a story to listen to) is an important part of my work-cycle.  That’s an albino lizard climbing my window, over the sink.

And here is the last wall.

That’s a propane stove, and on top of the fridge are the plethora of egg cartons we’ve been given for sharing our bounty.  Not that we’ve ever been able to fill them all, it’s just, well, there’s space, so why not?

I’m too short to see them without looking apurpose.


6 thoughts on “For Brooke B.

  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for posting pictures!!!

    I bet you did get funny looks. I don’t know why people in general seem to like such bland colors. I like vibrant colors. It makes things a lot more cheerful.

    Who knows, you may start a new trend with color.

  2. Amy Jane says:

    The funny thing to me is that I saw these colors as “muted” when I picked them out.

    They’re certainly not barn red, sky blue or vivid green. I wanted something that felt soothing and comforting in my close quarters.

    And it does the job for me. It’s like working inside a hug.

  3. Mom Teena says:

    Where did you move the shelving (rack) that held your dishes that used to sit against the wall that backs the girl’s room?

  4. Mom Teena says:

    By the way, you might remember that my kitchen is pinks and blues also, however, the pink is paler then yours. I like how you mixed the green in too.

  5. Amy Jane says:

    Thanks, Teena. I do like how you mix color into your kitchen.

    The press board cupboard I moved into the yellow (well) room. It opened up the kitchen nicely.

  6. Becky says:

    I knew when I saw it that you must have picked the colors! And I LIKED them immediately! (Of course…I just painted my living room orange. So I guess I’m biased.)

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