Well, we’ve made it through our first three weeks on the market without a nibble, so odd are we’re in for the long haul.

I’m in a queer position since I think I can honestly be content either way, but I would *really* like to know so I could feather this nest or… something.

If we sell, I’ll have a new home to build, and it will be exciting, of course. It will also mean being (most-likely) outside of town and (possibly) without a garage for the winter.

If we don’t sell by October we’ll be free of a realtor I will never recommend beyond his selling record (which I’m always very respectful of when I tell the story). And I’ll be in the heart of town with a garage and no extra animals when Jay has his long trip.

But if we don’t sell I might end up homeschooling out of the library– or not, Jay points out since we do have more-or-less schoolbook boxes. (But that’ll mean bringing more stuff home, resulting in a less-clean “show.”  But hey, we’ve got to live too.

The one upside of the stripped house: Laundry only takes two loads.

2 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. […] I’m also enjoying the exploration of what makes a relationship deeper (or deepen).  hint: it’s not information exchange.  But for my current situation (where I’m living in someone else’s house– I just don’t know whose, yet), it helped me understand why I feel less settled, despite my contentment with whatever. […]

  2. Mom Teena says:

    I always felt LESS was BETTER, when it comes to taking care of a household, thus the feelings of freedom when I moved to our little two-room cabin in the summer. So much less to take care of. However, the family was small and I never taught school in those days. Bigger house, more room, more kids, more animals, more STUFF, that’s life. I wouldn’t go back an change it, but I sure would like to get rid of so much STUFF still hanging around now.

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