Shifting Focus

Have you ever noticed  you become like what you spend the most time with?

This is why I’m always awed and grateful about the Really Awesome People who like me and think I’m worth spending time on.

And now I’m finding a combination of that and how guided I am by titles.

“Family News” might be getting a new name and more content soon.  Because I’m realizing there’s stuff I want to write because I want to write it, and not (anymore just) because I think someone else wants to read it.

And I’m realizing a harder time writing about non-writing stuff on Untangling Tales– largely because I’m connecting with more and more “serious” writers on-line and the eclectic stuff seems to be more suited to this spot.  But it will need a new name.

Probably not “little red onions.” I think that name was inspired by the massive amount of reading I’ve been doing lately. (Soon to be reflected in my sidebars).

In Pandora I have a station I call my “Noveling” station that is crazy-broad in content, but perfect for triggering my intent to write. It’s music that I enjoy and engages my story-mind.

Last night as I cleaned my kitchen (hmm, could I make that a nightly ritual?) I had it playing because it’s my favorite, most varied station.

And I wanted to leave the kitchen and go work on my novel.

So I created a new station.  My desire is for the music-task connection to grow just as solid.

Anyway, my desire for a shift is from realizing the fractured nature of my on-line writing.  If I can change my image of this space (and you, beloved readers, can tolerate skipping the things of no interest to you) I would put everything non-writing here, and eliminate the extra little blogs I created out of a sort of “politeness.”

I want the writing to be separate because the more I meet “serious” writers, the more I figure I ought to have a little corner that looks a bit more professional.

But with moving (or not), and homeschooling, and (maybe) tiny-homesteading, and eating up the learning curve and being excited by that: that is different and jumbled together, and I want a place to let it all dance without worrying if this is something *everybody* is interested in.

I like writing for an audience (even if it’s very small), but since I’m in a place of multiple transitions my blogging is going to reflect that.

Just, a new title would be really helpful, too.

2 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. Amy Jane says:

    And then I read some of my non-writing stuff over at UT, and can’t imagine not doing that there.

    I think I just need to have an either-or mentality, rather than this MPD-style. If it doesn’t fit there it can go here… That sort of thing.

    A new title might wait as long as our new home; it could be something there that I’m waiting on.

  2. Mom Teena says:

    I wouldn’t mind more content here on this blog, since I don’t get over to your other blog as often, and this is often my only news from your household.

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