Sick sick sick

Thank God for ibuprofen (even if the kid’s not taking it willingly anymore) and “Snarkers.”

Melody at least is big enough to blow her own nose, but E ceratinly isn’t. With a plugged nose and (just last night) a temp of 103-degrees he is one wiped patoodie.

Both girls have the cough and runny nose, but because of his age (the doctor said) it’s just grabbed Elisha a little harder and longer. He spent most of the weekend attached to Jay’s chest so it was very hard for him to watch Daddy leave for work Monday morning.

One blessing (?) is that the fever seems to confine itself to the nights. I used to think this was because the kid was covered in blankets, but last night he was wearing the same warm snuggle-suit he’d had all day without fever and his temp really popped up– second night in a row.

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