Fine-tuning our Sleep-plan

We are *so* not buying brand-name Children’s Motrin again. The generic tastes so much better.

I’m looking today, and if we don’t have any generic in the house we’re going shopping this morning. Elisha’s learning to resist medicine, and that wasn’t the case before. This stuff is nasty, and I hope we can train him back to accepting the good stuff w/o a struggle.


In other news, he slept six-hours together withe the Ib/disposable plan from last night.

Bad news is he only slept 6-hours. He woke at five and hasn’t stayed down yet.

Note to self:

  • Change his diaper anyway
  • Give him medicine anyway
    • So what if it isn’t pain? You don’t know that it isn’t; he’s not going to OD. And if it is pain, do you really want to stay up the extra hour to find out?