Well, he’s sleeping *longer*…

Elisha was up three times in the night (I can’t remember what his top-wakings number was– that phase was an understandable haze).

But thankfully we seem to be at the next phase of sleep teaching.

(The first, if I forgot to mention, at its worst had him up nearly every 45-minutes. That was doubled maybe once or twice per night, and never in the day).

I did a slog of training to get him used to his bed. We didn’t do cry-it-out with him because it’s become apparent he has Melody’s temperament in this. Natasha at this stage was a breeze: 5-7 minute of sleepy (or occasionally 9-minutes, or loud) crying, she was out comfortably, breathing quietly.

Not so with the younger two. Stories for another day.

I’ve also bought a variety of types of baby food (under the tsk tsking of some church moms who pointed out the expense). These I open one or two at a time and see how much I can shovel in before he gets completely distracted by his sisters’ popping over to entertain him.

The full tummy I think is helping him get more of his calories in the day so he doesn’t need to cry for them at night. Having a variety of foods keeps him engaged longer.

Telling the girls to leave him alone seems to be like telling them to sit-still or keep their volume down.

Their brains only remember for so long– and I haven’t wanted to make it a (physical) discipline issue yet, because the reason they come back is they adore him, and they don’t want to be away from his delighted smile.

That’s hard to get strict about.

Anyway, he’s above/around ~ 3 hours at a go, which (thankfully) allows me a few sleep cycles as well. I have been functioning perceptively better in the last few days.

But I am still thankful for the lunch-hours Jay comes home and gives me a short nap in the middle of the day. Does so much to strengthen me for the afternoon and dinner-time. (Nap-time doesn’t match on a daily basis right now).

Anyway, best I could tell, one of the wakings last night was because his pain med ran out (there are either two or four teeth trying to push through. I’m not sure), and one was because he was soaked (he hates being wet in a way the girls never have).

We might try going to disposables at night and see if that make a difference, and do ibuprofen instead of Tylenol– since it lasts longer. (I usually do Ib anyway, only I couldn’t find the open bottle last night).

I like having specific ideas to work with. Having something specific to change gives me hope for improvement.

I also like being less tired and having a more-positive approach beyond simply surviving.

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