Talking with Melody

Tonight I asked Melody, “What do you want for dinner?”
Without hesitation she answered, “Hot boiled beans!”


It took me a minute to translate and make the connection (this is not a phrase she’s used before).
“And very good butter?” I asked.

*Big* grin. “Yeah!”

It’s Mother Goose.
This was a kick because she made the jump between dinner and supper and made an original joke.


I poured juice for the girls after dinner and set the pitcher back down on the counter without clicking the lid closed. Melody noticed.

“Mama, Please close the lid?” I did.
“Thank you.” (Emphatic. Relieved.)

This is really important to her. Closing things. Having lids on. Makes me wonder if she would be more of a picker-upper if she felt that same connection with order that she does with the lids closing.