Cute “Alaskan-child” story

I was watching Homeward Bound with my two girls Friday, and there were some mule deer in a scene. Three-year-old Natasha perked-up and said, “Look Mom! Caribou!” Now how many toddlers learn “caribou” before “deer” (or Bambi)? Very fun.

She likes how they taste too.

Marriage is hard work?

In the world I come from (where marriage is forever and you’re supposed to go in with your eyes wide open), I think sometimes the message that “Marriage is hard-work” is a little over-emphasized.

Today I was listening to a wife who came to my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting to talk about marriage, and sticking it out. I appreciated how she emphasized there are seasons in a marriage, and even cycles within the seasons: how the happiness/enjoyment may come and go, but it always comes again. Continue reading

Pregnancy Brain?

I have two friends who recently gave birth to their third child (each of them). We have many ideas in common, but one we do not share is the idea of a specific malady they generally refer to as “pregnancy brain.”

The symptoms of this affliction include clumsiness, scattered thoughts, and forgetful or foolish behavior. One husband swears they knew his wife was pregnant this latest time because she began dropping things. Their 5-year-old recently questioned whether his sister (2) was pregnant when she began dropping things ( I assume more than usual). Continue reading


Do we consider (I wonder) the way we’re training our mind/will/emotions in our daily responses to things?

Earlier this week an (older) friend was describing to me how her mother’s dementia was worsening. This friend described how hard it was getting to shift her mother’s focus off the negative (real and imagined) of her own world. Continue reading