Sunday Snapshots — useful kids, matching kids

When Jay finished installing the stacked washer/dryer, it took some serious, one-time gymnastics to get out from behind the machine and water heater.

It wasn’t till we finished celebrating his escape that we realized a screwdriver had been left behind.

Elisha took the chance to go where no man would go again, then cheerfully informed us he’d be happy to stay there the rest of his life.

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Sunday Snapshots — playtime on the new homestead

We have such a good daddy. 🙂

This is from last spring.  Jay was trying to get away during Chase and the girls weren’t going to let that happen.

And here is Elisha, considering whether he likes holding something without a sphincter. Cute can win-out, if no one reminds him. (He’s this way about the young rabbits, too. Less so as they get older and more… self-controlled.)