October 2013 (Facebook Compilation)

October 1

Today begins the ?#?31Days? of ?#?NaNoPrep? on the blog WritingHope.com

If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel, check it out and subscribe to follow along. 2013 might not be your year for a full-blown ?#?NaNoWriMo?, but you’ll get some good ideas and framework in place for when you *are* ready.

For people who do not write for recreation, the idea of tackling a novel in a month is as foreign as the food you’ll never be able to spell; but for those who’ve always felt they have a story inside…
October 5

My kids are having a few friends over today, so yesterday I was host(ess) coaching them– in my way– asking what they had planned, and how they wanted to fill the time.

“What is there to do?” I prompted.
“It’s okay, Mama,” 7yo Elisha said. “You can work on your novel a bit. Or talk a little to any Mamas that stay.”


October 7

Um… Mama fail: I have officially taught my kid to swear.

Jay did some awesome progress on the water tank room (water tank takes up most of the room and our brilliant engineer STILL managed to install the 12-foot-wide vinyl flooring).

Elisha came to check it out and with an admiration-loaded voice he said, “THAT is so. darn. awesome.”

Then this afternoon, while Jay was on his second run to town (for the glue that would hold the filling pipe together), the water-delivery guy showed up.

“CRAPcrapcrapcrap,” my mouth said as my brain ran the options.

“CRAPcrapcrapcrap,” my 7-yo chanted gleefully in chorus.

I am NOT ashamed. But it makes me crazy glad not everything in my mind comes out my mouth.


October 8

Kids are playing a story with their little animal toys.

M: And this story has no magic.

N: The animals can talk, there’s a dragon and a unicorn. Of COURSE there’s *magic*.

M: Okay. There can be magic.

~ ~ ~

“Eat with Joy” author Rachel Marie Stone, who lives in Malawi, got #addawordruinachristianbook to start trending.
October 9
Actually, concerning reading, I’ve found my attitude is very like it was toward having children:

The last one was so great, how could this one be as good. Whew. This one’s amazing, too. I enjoy her! Oooh my luck’s going to run out now… Statistics won’t let the streak hold up and– huh. He’s pretty awesome, too.

Books give me the same anxiety, which I TOTALLY need to get over. Every reading becomes a desperate thing. A fear-laden expedition that I wonder whether it can pay for itself. {*shiver*}

I just got asked what I read the most, and I couldn’t say. I read 30-40 books a year, keep a list on the computer and still. can’t. say. what I read!? Talk about shame…

October 13
Ethan Howe's photo.
October 14
M: She’s being annoying!
N: I’m being *funny*!
Me: If it’s only funny to you, you can do it later by yourself.

Teena Helmericks: I can so clearly hear that conversation. smile emoticon

Kim Eames: The “LIKE” button is so inadequate for this!
October 21

Using N’s choir rehearsal to sort my action cards into their story slots.

*So* excited about this novel!

~ ~ ~

What a beautiful idea.

Beth Zapf's photo.

Beth Zapf

Did you know: As a nursing mom, you can help heal your sick baby by kissing her? You introduce her germs to your body, you make antibodies, and they get to her through your milk. I will be kissing this one lots tonight.


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