Your brain works differently when you’re tired.

I was bit by a rat today.

Of course, that’s because I grabbed it, as it was scrambling around the no-hiding-places new room Jay’s started building for the goats.

And he didn’t just bite me. He took hold of my thumb and hung. on. Showing his little ½-inch teeth as he did his mini-bulldog best to make his teeth meet before he relaxed his jaw.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been bit by a rat, and I didn’t really react, because I was so surprised– at his tenacity as much as anything.

I switched my hold to his tail as soon as he let go, and he promptly began spinning like a dervish, trying to get back at my hand.

At that exact moment, I was speaking with a new acquaintance who was there with her 4- and 6-year-olds.

Not really sure where this came from, but I asked the mama, in the same polite tone I’d been using up to that point, “Would you mind stepping out? I think I’m going to end this critter, and I’m not sure you want to be here.”

She looked a bit startled but did as I asked.

My heebeegeebees were pretty much activated at this point and I just did the easiest thing. I whacked it against the plywood wall. Then after the satisfying ?thunk?, I carried the barely twitching rat (still hanging by its tail) out of the room where the mother and children were now standing (as I suppose is to be expected) looking a little confused.

I hadn’t really suggested anywhere for them to go. My bad.

The little boy started asking questions about the rat that didn’t quite compute in my sleep-shorted mind, and I just lifted the lid on an empty metal trash can and dropped the little carcass inside.

Amazing how thoroughly the metal lid ended that topic of conversation.

What I’m desperately curious about now, is how this looked to the mama.  Here I’m talking hay quality and milk-handling procedures one minute, then Oh excuse me while I end this rat.

I am so weird.

7 thoughts on “Your brain works differently when you’re tired.

  1. Teena says:

    Are you afraid to use the work “kill”? I have no problem with the word, especially with a RAT that bit me. 🙂

    I hope the goats are working out well, and all your other critters are thriving and being beneficial.

    • Amy Jane says:

      Nah, not afraid of the word ‘kill,’ but I barely knew this woman, and with the little kids right there, I didn’t know how she or they would react.

      The rest of the story is that the rat is only stunned. I went back for the carcass to feed the cat and the rat was running laps in the bottom of the can.

      I’m really enjoying the goats. Still deciding the best management strategies for the rabbits, but I guess I’m more comfortable now with figuring it out as I go along.

  2. Brooke says:

    Lol. This is too funny. You are a lot braver than I am. There’s no way on earth I’d grab a rat by the tail or anything else.

    Btw, did you kill the rat later on?

    • Amy Jane says:

      yup. And stuck him in the freezer for a cat-dinner later.

      Been feeding her on real meat since we got her, and really its the reason we got the rats in the first place, except a pregnant one got loose in the barn, and now this is what we have.

      On the upside, I’m confident they’re disease-free, which could be part of why they don’t mess with me as much as they might.

  3. Becky says:

    You mean you are AWESOME.

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