Reproducing like Rabbits

Okay, we now have evidence we’ve got this Rabbit-breeding thing figured out at last.

With the four mamas that delivered Tuesday we now have 30 baby buns in the Rabbit/chicken house.

We also have the hard decisions to make: namely, who to eat and how many to keep breeding.

Two of our “first-timers” kindled this month, and produced the awesomest nests I’ve yet seen on our property.

The nesting boxes we use have bottoms made of pegboard, so the infants’ natural instinct to burrow down ends up setting them against the holes.  But but Buttercup’s nest had a solid felted floor the littles couldn’t crawl through.

Joan, our single “silver fox” (mix) rabbit also made a nice nest.  I was contemplating “retiring” the older generation and letting all the youngsters carry the flock, then I realized that the older mama’s bebe’s had, well, distinctly fuller tummies.

I still don’t have an easy way to snap a picture in dim light, but observe this shape: db

Now imagine that the staff is a little’s ribcage, and the bulbs are its belly.  They doin’ some seriously good eatin’ in those nests.

My favorite thing about baby bunnies?  Holding.

2 thoughts on “Reproducing like Rabbits

  1. Brooke says:

    Wow they are so tiny!!!!! Well your flock is coming along quite nicely.

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