Kitchen’s together.

It only took a month, but my kitchen floor is now clear of boxes and cupboard doors so I can (tomorrow) scrub my kitchen floor for the first time.

I’m not a keep-it-clean-enough-to-eat-off-the-floor type, but in my old house I was much more relaxed about my kids eating that raisin or M&M that fell on the floor, or putting on the table that clean cup that fell out of the cupboard.

Not here.

Anything touches this God-knows-what’s-been-on-it floor and it’s tossed or washed at once.

I expect we’ll keep it up (this floor gives no illusions of cleanliness) but it’ll feel good to have things done for once.


In other news, Jay’s gone under the house and learned a lot about how things are plumbed. The important thing to keep in mind after his discoveries is that we shouldn’t wash clothes when it’s colder than -20 (F).  The pipes under the house stay open because the furnace is blowing hot air under there, but when it gets really cold that’s not reliably effective.

Jay says his big house project this summer will be pulling the siding off this house and adding a vapor barrier. There’s lots of insulation on this place, but it’s essentially a filter for the heat coming out, not preventative enough.

He’s also decided to insulate the shed and pour a concrete floor in to make it a combined barn/garage with heat fueled by the same tank that fuels the house.


A few of the ideas so far in the long-term projects:

  • Start chickens and raspberry bushes this summer (my main goal)
  • Maybe a kid goat (if our friend’s Saanen kids a doe)
  • Maybe meat rabbits
  • If we do meat rabbits, we’ll also get a few angora rabbits (for their fur) becasue the girls want to have pet rabbits too, and I’ve been getting back into handspinning.
  • If we are feeling especially adventurous we might get a few ducks/geese as well.  I think some of this will depend on how close the pond feels in the summer.

And of course all of this depends on the house selling.  We’ve had some nibbles and a few showings.  People are positive, but without an offer we’re still in limbo.

Definitely welcome your prayers in that area.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen’s together.

  1. Mom Teena says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been checking every day.

  2. Brooke says:

    Yay! The kitchen is done!!!

    I found a house that I like. It’s a short sale. I’ve made an offer. My mom saw it tonight. She was picking out paint swatches in Lowe’s. I’m torn between laughing and cringing at the coming headache and arguments over how I want to decorate my house.

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