We now have:

  • Hot water (but no bath towels)
  • A dishwasher (need automatic dishwasher detergent– have you seen the result of standard dish soap? Jay took responsibility. I was able to continue sitting.)
  • A washing machine (dryer will be ready soon– then we’ll have a remedy for the tearful loss of beloved jammies.)
  • A functioning kitchen
  • Clearance to drink the water! The tests came back nearly identical to the city water we’ve been drinking for 10 years.

To do still are a bunch of little odds and ends, and a few bigger things that will wait till later in the year:

  • Redo bathroom
    • Get rid of carpet in bathroom
    • need a sink/vanity
  • new kitchen floor
  • Range hood
  • wood stove reinstalled
    • the stovepipe and everything else about the set-up was declared unsafe, so we took the pipe down and it’s an elaborate end-table until summer.
  • I’m also looking forward to getting the little monitor in the cabin so running out for a refill on my small (in-kitchen) containers isn’t painfully cold while I fumble about with bare hands.

So so thankful the water situation has worked out. It was the biggest question in this fingers-crossed experiment, and it looks like the Lord has blessed us.

Now we continue to wait on the questions about the septic system (when the indoors work slows down a bit Jay plans to do more investigating work).

2 thoughts on “We now have:

  1. Brooke says:

    I have seen what happens when you use regular dish liquid in the dishwasher. It’s quite a mess!

    I’m glad that you guys now have some drinking water. And never underestimate the importance of hot water.

    Sounds like you guys are making good progress.

  2. Mom Teena says:

    Any current issues on the septic system? What will Jay need to check on?

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