New House (again)

Latest news:

The title search revealed two IRS liens on the property (against the previous owner, who was foreclosed on).  As things stand the IRS’s “option to redeem” expires about Christmas. At that point the land will be free and clear with no possibility of the rug being pulled from under us.

So naturally we’re back in waiting mode.

Three possiblities are now before us.

  1. The seller could pay the liens, facilitating a quick closing
  2. We could all wait until the liens expire, less than a month away.
  3. The seller may withdraw from the contract

Considering the communication record with these sellers we have literally no idea when we’ll know which option is chosen for us.

They’re listed in the order we’d prefer.

On the upside, the kids and I drove by the place yesterday and the big berm left by the snow plow (that I was afraid would now be an ice-wall b/c of the freezing rain we had) has been plowed down.  The driveway/parking area still needs cleared of snow, but I like having a means of seeing how much attention the structures have been receiving.

None since the last big dump more than a week ago, and I prefer this.

2 thoughts on “New House (again)

  1. Brooke says:

    Well this is good. It sounds like you guys are close.

  2. Crystal says:

    Wow. Hope you hear something soon.

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