On Again, Off Again

Our house is “listed” and we have one, maybe two showings this afternoon.

But I felt my “professional pride” personally assaulted to see what “the best in town” actually looks like.


Notice the bowing? The distortion? The “stitching” of pictures that doesn’t match the very obvious point of the window?

And the blurb was cheezy.  I mean, well, I suppose all real estate agents must write enough of these to be inoculated by familiarity against noticing certain things, but currently there are two !Exclamation Points! in two sentences.  And three ending our total of five sentences.

Not forgetting the numeral 5 being used to begin one of those sentences, which feels hugely tacky to me.

Yes, none of these thing *really* matter. But when I found out (at the table) last week that I’m being charged an extra $695 on top of the standard 6% (because this team is so! awesome!), my critical/evaluative nature was engaged. And not impressed.

Really, I can’t say with confidence I can do better. What I will say with all assurance is:

I won’t do worse.

I know that statement usually the original is actually *bad,* and I’m not trying to say that. I’m just trying to say that when I pay some to do what I can do, I expect them to do better than me. How much better depends on how much more they charge.

For example, I will buy fancy dresses. But usually only at discount

And I won’t be taking a huge chunk away from our already limited capital.

2 thoughts on “On Again, Off Again

  1. If you do end up going FSBO, you could make a website with all the details of your house and pictures. I saw that once and thought it was a pretty good idea. Let me see if I can find the link…

  2. I can’t find it. Too bad because the guy did a great job on the website he made. It was just on blogger, with his street addy as the name… like “123mainstreet.blogspot.com” or something like that. The pictures he took were fabulous – really big, showing lots of detail of the house (both interior and exterior). He had good descriptions of them, including information like what they did to improve the house, when repairs were made, how old the appliances were, etc. He included a hand-sketched floorplan (not to scale) which I always think should be included in more house listings. 🙂 He also made a little Google map that showed the house and other things in the area, like grocery stores, schools, etc. It was simple, yet well-done and doing something like that would only help in today’s age of internet research.

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