Holding on till Tuesday

Up before 4a.m. Making a list to untangle it all.

  • Tea Committee meeting this morning
    • Supposed to proof a doc before then
  • Trying to finish getting the house show-ready this weekend
    • It’s coming down to me now:
      • Bathrooms
      • floors
      • windows
      • dogyard (the timing on that one is tricky this time of year 😉 )
      • curtains/window dressing
        • that I just spent what seems like a fortune on: Solid $80
  • Started Shadow of the Bear (Doman) to get away from it all and ended with the hungry ache that returning to fiction gives me lately (“The smallest taste of a long-missed meal.”).
  • Still numb/reeling at the Idea we’ve submitted an offer on property that represents a *total* life-change
    • distance from town
    • how we’d spend our time
    • entrepreneurship
    • building
    • unbuilding (both structures on the land are *temporary*. One more so than the other)
  • Second writers’ group meeting on Monday– with 3-4 people expecting thoughtful feedback on submitted work
    • And I’ll cut myself on sleep before I renege. This is so early in the forming of our group I can’t bow out– there’s no “understanding” yet built up to withstand any testing.
  • After that I’ve got an “allergy consult” (whatever that means), where I’ll be the guinea pig before I consider submitting the rest of my family to it.
  • Then is the walk-through by the Realtor, when we hope she says, “You’re ready, let’s start the paperwork.”

That’s all by Monday.

Our offer on the land get’s opened that morning, and I have no idea what will be hapening after that, or how fast.

But I don’t have the energy to look past Monday.

Oh, right. That didn’t even include the two family dinners for Easter. Both of which I’m looking forward to, but both also being One. More. Thing. to suck at brain cells.

Sometimes I think Tuesday is my favorite day of the week…

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