Now I’m using my new laptop.

Just now I’m actually using in the children’s room, with the illuminated keyboard (*yes* it’s everything I hoped!).

Starting to input my library, starting with the books I want to pack away– so that I can reclaim the playroom as a tangible mark of my progress.

I’m going soon to have to decide how much poetry to hang on to, and where to put it. For me it’s always been more about browsing than anything purposeful, so till now I’ve always kept it out, knowing it will be out of mind as soon as it’s out of sight…

Had a successful visit to FMN’s 1/2-off children’s sale.  Got a stack of historical novels that (once these kids are asleep) I plan to divide by years of the cycling 4-years of history plan.

I also picked up a number of YA and folktales for my own purposes, and I’m less sure how best to use/access them.  I’ll tackle that one once the school books are entered and packed away.

One thought on “Adjusting

  1. Mom Teena says:

    Hi Amy,

    I’m sitting in Salome waiting for Mom to get ready for the drive to Wickenburg for our daily visit with Dad. We often just sit in his room while he sleeps…he’s not awake much or very communicative. I’m taking time to catch up on your site here. Sounds like school and cataloging books has been keeping you pretty busy. I hope to be headed home about the 10-11th. Susan is coming down on the 11th, so I’ll leave about then.

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