Kids Being Mean

Natasha got her first taste of teasing and rejection yesterday, but (thankfully) I don’t think she fully realized that’s what was happening.

The back door was open and I heard the 5-year-old next-door protesting to his mom that the other kids were being mean to Natasha.  I went out then, but Natasha didn’t seem disturbed at all, only more serious-faced than usual.

I talked with her and she came inside with me.  Then she told my one of the girls in {neighbor-boy}’s yard was being unkind.

“She was making fun of {neighbor-boy}—saying he was in love.  And he’s not in love, he’s just a kid.”

I found the observation fascinating, and what I got out of the collective event was that the visiting children noticed the children’s friendship, tried to tease them about it, and like good friends, they noticed the intent-to-harm their friend over the attack on themselves.

Or at least expressed themselves that way.

I think there’s something precious in that sensitivity; I hope we’ll see it continue.

Melody was coming out of our car  a couple of days ago when it was so sunny, panting for effect, “Wow, that car is freezing- Hot!”

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