Natasha’s Kindergarten

I’ve gone through the FNSBSD “Curriculum Guide for Parents” and compared objectives for K and 1st grade, making a new set of objectives based on where NJ is currently at (she *so* has K Language Arts smoked. And half of 1st-grade’s, I’d say.)

Under this new organizing the only things she is doing exclusively at the the guide’s kindergarten level are Art and Science.

Each grade has a theme for art and a trio of artists loosely based on that theme.

e.g. Kindergarteners focus on self-portraits, and they “study” Van Gogh, I suppose because he had a famous one. Not too closely I hope. His is far from a G-rated story.

Three scientists are listed for each year, also.

Anyway, for this year at least, we’ll try to match these that her cousin will (in theory) also be learning since they’re the same year in school.

2 thoughts on “Natasha’s Kindergarten

  1. Teena says:

    Amy, does the state reimburse you for your schooling supplies? I seem to recall that the state home-schooling/correspondence department allows parents to pick their own curriculum, need to approve it, and then will reimburse your expense.

    Mom Teena

  2. Amy Jane says:

    Yes, I have the names and websites of a number of programs that work basically that way.

    But while I’m a beginning teacher I don’t want the extra pressure of being accountable to some stranger (e.g., getting my curriculum “approved”).

    Legally, she’s not required to even be in school til age 7– some kids start straight with 1st grade– so at least while we get our “school legs” we’re doing this on our own nickel– which is why finding the right used-books has been so exciting.

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