Medicine Maturity

Natasha has had a cough for a few days, and yesterday it was more persistant.

When she started complaining about it I offered to give her some medicine designed to inhibit coughing.

I went and got it, and when I came back she recognized it.

“That stuff tastes weird,” she said.

I suggested having her water bottle ready for as  soon as she finished, and she agreed.

About four hours later the cough threatened to return.  I asked Natasha if she’d like some more medicine, and while making a face she said “yes.”

Then she asked my to have her water bottle open and ready.

Both the taking of the medicine in the first place and agreeing to take it a second time seem to me to be little milestones of maturity:

Seeing past the yuck! of the medicine (and I’ve always thought cough meds taste *the worst* of all kids’ over-the-counter stuff) to its purpose.

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