Living with the Cold

Well, I can’t decide if I’m sensible or a wimp.

It was 16-below this morning– for this first time this winter?  And I decided we were staying home from MOPS.

We went to the library yesterday at zero, and I learned what an odd age/cold combination I have.

Natasha is old enough to winterize herself, and walk quickly from warm place to warm place.  Elisha lets me winterize him (somewhat– though he still pulls his mittens off sometimes), and I can carry him.  But Melody walks more slowly when she hits the cold, and with my arms full of Elisha I can’t scoop her up too– which means we all have to move more slowly because we can’t leave her behind.

I guess it’s time to put a sled in the back of the Subaru again– in case of emergency.

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