Elisha has to be told to sit on the opposite side of the kitchen (against the cabinets) if I’m trying to take someting out of the oven. Otherwise he’s hovering right by the door, signing hot! hot! excitedly. Here he’s heard the timer go off and he knows what’s supposed to come next.


This beautiful quilt was a gift from one of the ladies at our church. It’s awesome he has his “own” quilt now– since I’ve not been doing that since before he was born.


Here’s the crew measuring out the last details for the new computer desk.


Melody mugging for a picture. It’s really hard to catch one of her spontaneous smiles. I’m really praying for understanding about this one. She has such a capacity for love and delight, but she seems sullen and resentful too, sometimes, in a way the others aren’t.


Jay has been reading in the evenings, lately, and I just love this picture as a collection of some major pleasures in our lives (that’s ice cream he’s eating, in case you needed to ask).

3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Becky says:

    Elisha is a REALLY handsome little boy.

  2. Dedee says:

    They are cute!!! I just knew it!

  3. antoinette says:

    Great pictures of children. Think your idea to stop splitting hairs over joy vs. passion is good. It’s the same reason I stopped doing Sudoku puzzles. Too distracting–and why bother? We do what we do, with commitment and whatever other emotion is appropriate at the moment.

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