Lots of Elisha Milestones this Week


Elisha was fussing with Jay at bedtime, wanting me (trying to get away from Jay) and Jay told him (as he has before) that Mama was helping the girls go to sleep and he’d have to wait till I was available. For the first time he seemed to understand, settling sadly back to wait with Daddy instead of continuing to fight.

He fell asleep for me in five minutes. Just in the rocking chair. I haven’t bedtime-nursed him for abut a week now (first night was Killer, but it’s been great since then– one or no wakings a night).


  • Elisha picked-up the “apple” sign in about two goes. Absolutely sweet grin– he knows he’s doing something new and special.
  • Elisha followed directions (in all fairness, he’s known “clean that up” for a while now– after he spills something he knows how to use a towel). I asked him to take an apple slice to Melody after he got his and he went to the other room to bring it straight to her.
  • First day he went to nap without nursing. In fact, no nursing at all today.
  • Let me lay him in down at bedtime while he was still awake. (He’s done this for Jay before, but not for me).


He let me lay him down at nap while he was still awake. I have to wonder if he rolls with this because he sees his sisters do it every day. For what ever reason, I laid down all three kids today (albeit late for nap) and walked out of the room knowing they were still awake, expecting them to go to sleep.

Like I said. Milestones. This is awesome.

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