Elisha’s First Fishing Trip

On Friday Morning Mom and Dad picked up the kids and me in the truck and we all drove to the lake for a day of fishing.

Elisha was itty-bitty the last time we went, so it was the first boat trip he didn’t sleep through.

gettin in jacket

He got to wear his infant life jacket, play with worms, and find his sea legs.

E & Worm

Things got a little more complicated when he got tired. We both had to take off our life-jackets in order for him to nurse. He streched out that moment as long as he could.


“Oh Grandma, you’re not going to make a kid this cute get back in that nasty jacket, are you?”


W/ Papa

But he recovered, and spent some time figuring out what Papa was doing.


Everyone was tired and snuggly by the trip home.

I didn’t realize till I went back through the pictures: I got none of Natasha.

But this shouldn’t be my last picture post, so I’ll make up for it somewhere.

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  1. kathy says:

    Great pictures Amy Jane!

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