Never get sick with something you can’t spell.


There. Got it right. I had a test and correction when Jay e-mailed work this morning to tell them he was staying home with me to take care of the children.

I was at 1st Care yesterday for about 3 hours (most of it waiting) that culminated in an x-ray and being called into the back room again to say yup I have pneumonia in the middle of my left lung (I think it was).

Doctor said that was why I’ve been feeling so tired lately. I asked how one distinguishes that from the general tiredness of motherhood, and she didn’t really have an answer.

But it was very nice to have a “note” from my doctor telling Jay to stay home a couple days to take care of the family and allow me to rest. I told him he’s not allowed to get sick this time– that I ought to be able to be the only one sick once in our marriage. (Okay, I didn’t put it quite that way.)

Talking with someone else I heard something that made the tiredness make more sense– the pneumonia makes the lungs less-efficient, so I’m getting less oxygen than usual, and that contributes. I’d always just thought it was plain being sick.

So I got a nice nap this morning after breakfast– Jay took the kids to the school park.

Natasha told me how much the pink and orange dinosaur liked playing on the slide (I didn’t know the thing had left the house. Funny how much they love it…).

While I was reading nap-time stories to the girls Jay came in with his pleased look and said his “1-2-3 of park, pizza, and popcorn” had worked, knocking out the boy for his nap too.

After nap Jay will be taking the kids out to Derek’s because Uncle D e-mailed this morning asking if his favorite nieces could come out and visit. Jay said he hadn’t told Derek he was home with the kids, so I pointed out this was God’s answer to our prayers for something to do (Jay was frustrated first thing this morning, finding it hard to find something all three kids can do).

So in a minute I’ll be done with my lunch and lay down again, too.

I’m on an antibiotic, so I guess I’m praying too that the pneumonia is a bacterial infection and responds to the treatment. Apparently it could be viral too– then who knows how long this would drag out…

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