One of Natasha’s Stories

She told this to me and Melody during lunch on Friday 4/14. We were at the church that morning for Jay to do some work, and sat longer together than we would have at home, having other things to do.

Once there were 9 children, all in the same family.

One day they they all made hot chocolate for a snack and decided to go for a walk in the woods, because it was too hot.

While they were out walking…

THREE BEARS came into their house and drank up all the cocoa!

When the 9 children got back they saw all the cocoa was gone, but the Daddy said, “That’s okay, we can make some more.”

But the teapot was out of water, and there was no cocoa in the box.

“That’s okay,” said the Daddy. And they all went to the store to buy some more.

But there was no chocolate at the store either!

So they all went to the Easter palace to visit Papa, and found chocolate easter eggs all over the yard.

Before the children ate them, they found Papa and told him about their day, and he told them about his day.

2 thoughts on “One of Natasha’s Stories

  1. Autumn says:

    Very cute! She’s going to be quite the story teller when she’s older! How old is she now?

  2. Amy says:

    Just over 4 years old.

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