Got it.

Went to ride the bike for the third time (confirming which I wanted) and bought it tonight.

I told Jay it could be my birthday present, and he said, “Great. I had some other ideas, but hadn’t ordered anything yet.”

Sounds like me right before his b-day.

I’m silly-excited about the new bike, and looking forward to getting more familiar with it.

I’ll be riding to our monthly women’s meeting tomorrow morning, only, I have no idea how long to expect it will take and will probably leave way-early.

Realized I have a list now, of other thing I need to buy.

  • A floor-pump from a bike shop (the valve is a style used only on bicycles, thinner than that for a car tire).
  • A helmet (I suppose…)
  • A U-lock. (We were regaled with stories of stolen bikes before we left the shop: “No cables!”)
  • A pant leg strap might be nice, though a rubber band’s working fine for now.

Jay chose not to get one for himself “for financial reasons.”

I know he also hopes getting me a bike (a means of outdoor exercise) will reduce my immediate desire/use for a new dog as a running partner (I won’t go out running/walking alone).

He’s half-right in this.

I still do want a dog, but with a bike and Jay not leaving for Antarctica in the next year my main two reasons to get a dog this spring are dissolved.

If we don’t get a call from one of the breed-specific rescues before fall, we’ll probably end-up waiting again until spring and reevaluating.

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